Finnland. Cool. (2013)

3 min promotion video
Finnish Literature Exchange 2013

Finnland. Cool.  was the slogan of Finland’s year as the guest of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014. The focus of the project was to emphasize the significance, joy and everyday nature of reading. Finland has a high rate of literacy and reading as a pastime often begins at an early age when parents read to their children. Our free and modern library system is also a reason why the Finns are a nation of readers. Everyone has access to books and literature. 

The visual design of Finnland. Cool. plays with words and languages. The aim was to express the importance of language and the significance of a small language area. 

Visual direction by Anssi Kokkonen, Jinhee Kim & Tommi Leskinen 
Animation and editing Jinhee Kim
Assistant animator Martin Martonen
Sound design & music production Miki Brunou

  • © Jinhee Kim